Chess Supplies for Sale

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To make a purchase, stop by our club meetings and ask for me (Leo). Sorry, we don’t accept credit cards or mail orders.

Item Price Quantity in Stock
Plastic Staunton Chess Pieces 
The popular tournament standard.
$9.00 3
Roll-up Vinyl Chess Board 
Perfect match for the Plastic Staunton Pieces. Color: green and buff squares.
$8.00 4
Combination of Plastic Staunton Pieces & Roll-Up Board $15.00 3
Economy Tote Bag 
Zippered vinyl bag with sleeve for roll-up board (not included). Color: black.
$7.00 3
Ultimate Chess Bag 
Stylish and functional, this quality carrying case is made of durable canvas-like nylon, and has compartments inside for pieces, roll-up board, clock, scorebook, and pens (not included). Color: black.
Special reduced price$30.00 (was $35.00) 1
“Chess Rules for Students: an Activity Booklet for Chess Beginners” 
This popular entry-level introduction by John A. Bain explains the chess board, piece movement, castling, pawn promotion, checkmate, draws, notation, and etiquette. Softbound, 55 pages, includes space to write test answers.
$3.50 5
For recording chess games. Space for 50 games, 100 moves each.
$3.50 sold out

For mail orders, and discounts on bulk quantities, visit The Borders Chess Club’s Links page also contains links to a variety of other chess vendors.