Borders Chess Quads

Borders Chess Club invites the public to compete in our monthly chess tournaments. We’re glad to help those who are unfamiliar with tournament play. Please bring a chess set or chess clock if possible. Everyone is also welcome to stop by for casual chess at our regular 2-6 pm Saturday meetings.

Where: Borders Books Music & Café 1751 Walnut Street, Cary, NC
When: The 2nd Saturday of every month (check club web site to confirm). 
On-site registration at 1:30-2:15pm. Rounds at 2:30, 3:40, 4:50pm. Prizes at 6:00pm.
What: Quads — 4 person sections by similar club rating. Play the other 3 in your quad. 
During each round either: 
play once at G/30 (game may last 1 hour), 
or if both players agree, play twice at G/15. 
United States Chess Federation rules apply (Touch-Move, etc).
Who: Anyone familiar with basic chess rules is eligible. We can assist those who are unfamiliar with chess clocks. No memberships or chess ratings are required. Those without a Borders Chess Club rating will be assigned an estimated rating based on past chess experience (club ratings are updated based on tournament results).
How Much: $5 entry fee (cash only) on-site or in advance. 
$15 prize to 1st place in each quad.

Space is limited, so show up early (or register in advance) to reserve your place. On-site registration from 1:30-2:15pm. Please bring a chess set and chess clock if possible (we have few to lend). Newcomers please see the links below.

Some Chess Rules and Etiquette for Tournament Players

3 Ways to Win, 6 Ways to Draw a Chess Game

For more information, contact Leo at the email address given on the introduction page of this site.