Top benefits why you should be playing chess

Games are a great way to build your mind. Since the old age, people have been into games. They have developed games of their own and played it in the past times. Many of the recent games have come out for the early games or a modification of the age-old games. The past games over the years have come up with a lot of changes and rules.

However, the rules are made to make it more interesting and fun to play. Such a game is chess. This is the game that has emerged for the old age and still sustains its presence till date. The game of chess is not as an easy game. The basic is simple by to play it requires a lot of strategies put front.

This is the reason most of the people don’t find any interest in playing these games. Here are some benefits of chess that would make you want to play it.

Helps in brain growth

The chess is a game of brain. There are strategies and plans that needs to find its way to win the game. The face of the changes any second hence one has to be completed using his mind to be the one winning. Hence because of the utility of the brain, it stimulates the brain and sends out signal from the neuron cells. This activates the brain to be more efficient to be using the brain like never before. With time your brain starts to grow and become more active.

It uses both sides of the brain

You might know this that the brain is divided into two parts. The left side and the right side and both the side handle certain functioning of the brain. Reading affects one side of the brain and hence it develops that part of the brain while senses use the other side of the brain hence it develops the other side.

The game of chess develops both sides of the brain. This increases the reaction time of the brain by simulating both sides of them. This helps one to help develop them by doing a single task rather than doing two tasks for the two hemispheres.

Increases your IQ

You might think that only smart people having high IQ can only play chess. However, the fact is that the reverse case is true. Playing chess actually increases the IQ. The people who are playing chess hadn’t been the same in the past.

The fact that the people’s interest to play chess has helped by increasing their IQ, thus being the best. Hence, if you start playing chess then you will too increase your IQ.

Increases the problem-solving skills

Since chess requires you constantly analyze the next step so you need to think the next step as well as your opponent next steps completely. Over time it helps your brain to solve the complex problem just by using your brain.


If you haven’t yet been into chess then you should try it once to increase your brain’s ability.